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Our Business

As Directors of Capital Consulting Engineers Ltd we have over 60yrs of experience working throughout London as Structural Engineers within the Construction Industry.

Jointly, we are responsible for the development and provision of a diverse range of structural engineering services. Being extremely practical engineers, we realise the importance of keeping our designs simple and elegant.

Making full use of new technology and with a great aptitude for lateral thinking, we are used to providing the most practical and cost effective solutions to what might otherwise appear as complex


About Us

Working within a multi-disciplinary environment, as well as acting in the single role of Project Lead, by applying
a practical and open approach to projects, Capital CEL is able to deliver simple and  elegant design solutions for projects.

With an attention to detail based on both engineering and aesthetic consideration, we believe these are key factors,
in terms of delivery, quality and cost effectiveness.

With a wealth of construction based knowledge and experience, we have developed a unique insight of those factors
which are key to achievement of successful projects. The effectiveness of the practice is ensured through skills of
innovation and resourcefulness.

One of our great strengths is a thorough understanding of construction methods, site operations and the Building Regulations

Steve Davis, Project Director, Capital


  • Structural design - new build and extensions
  • Structural design - alterations and remodelling
  • Option appraisal and feasibility studies
  • CDM regulations
  • Investigation and appraisal of building defects and repair solutions
  • Client Agent / Due diligence



  • Risk orientated management of ageing assets

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of London’s housing properties (incl. high rise)

  • Historic and conservation projects

  • Large Panel System (LPS) Buildings

  • Concrete and Brick Repair Solutions



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